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Best Soft & Fuzzy Chenille Patches

Chenille Patches

Best Soft & Fuzzy Chenille Patches

Specification Details
Product Name Chenille Patches
Number of Pieces 01
Mounting Type Sew-on, Iron-on
Sizes Available In Multiples Sizes 2,3,4 inches

Original price was: $14.99.Current price is: $12.99.

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Patch Description:

Soft & Fuzzy Chenille Patches

Add a bit of customized pizazz to your closet, sacks, caps, and more with our exceptional chenille. Created with fastidious meticulousness, these flexible embellishments in a flash change any thing into an exceptional piece. We also have Iron On Patches

Our patches, made of high-quality chenille fabric, have a luxuriously soft, plush texture that draws attention. The many-sided, layered plans are painstakingly sewed to guarantee dependable strength, so you can partake in your tweaked manifestations into the indefinite future.

Whether you’re hoping to fix up a most loved sets of pants, add a character to a plain handbag, or basically express your remarkable style, our chenille are the ideal arrangement. With a wide assortment of plans to browse, including exemplary shapes, lively illustrations, and unique examples, you’ll track down the ideal part of suit your stylish.

Our chenille are durable, easy to apply, and can be sewn or ironed onto almost any surface. Just select your ideal fix, position it on your thing, and secure it set up for an expert, cleaned finish.

Hoist your regular style with the expansion of our top notch chenille. Flexible, sturdy, and perpetually adaptable, these eye-getting embellishments are the ideal method for adding a hint individual energy to your closet, extras, and then some. Investigate our assortment today and find the vast opportunities for self-articulation.

Chenille Patches

What are Chenille Patches?

Chenille patches are enhancing texture embellishments produced using chenille, a delicate, smooth material. Chenille is made by turning or tufting short strands together to shape a thick, rich surface. Chenille patches influence this lavish, layered material to make eye-getting plans that can be applied to clothing, sacks, caps, and different adornments.

Features of Chenille Patches:

Soft, Plush Texture: The chenille material has a thick, smooth feel that adds visual and material interest.
Dimensional Designs: Chenille patches are sewed in raised, finished designs for a three-layered impact.
Versatile Applications: Chenille  can be pressed or sewn onto a wide assortment of textures and materials.
Durable Construction: Excellent chenille patches are solid, enduring regular wear and washing.
Customizable Styles: Patches made of chenille come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs to match any fashion.

Uses for Chenille Patches:

Apparel Embellishments: Add an exceptional touch to coats, pants, shirts, and different pieces of clothing.
Bag & Accessory Accents: Hoist totes, rucksacks, caps, and more with chenille fix subtleties.
DIY Crafts & Decor: Integrate chenille into custom made projects like pads, wall decorations, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
Personalization & Customization: Modify apparel, packs, and adornments with your own text, logos, or plans.

Caring for Chenille Patches:

Machine Wash: Chenille patches are regularly machine-launderable, however actually look at maker guidelines.
Low Heat Dry: Tumble dry on low intensity to save the delicate, extravagant surface.
Avoid Excessive Friction: Wash and wear items with chenille patches with care to prevent pilling and fraying.


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