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Custom Patches

USA Custom Patches Maker

Discover the power of custom patches with us. From bold logos to intricate designs, we bring your ideas to life. Explore our gallery, learn about our process, or start your project now – your perfect patch awaits.

Patch production for over 20 years
Professional customer service
Over 15,000 satisfied customers

Custom Patches Maker

Custom Patches Maker welcomes you to the ultimate stop where style and personality are the focal points. Each patch is custom nailed and hand-picked to make one that fits your presence.

Patch production for over 20 years

Professional customer service

Over 15,000 satisfied customers

Expert Guidance

You can be in a dilemma about which ones will suit you more and we are aware of that. So, we will also share our best picks. We are happy to provide you with professional and experienced personnel for the best outcomes.

Custom Solutions

The next time you are confused in searching for usable products among the array of our products, it's better not to feel scared. Unique means bespoke design, which fits into your program items. You just need to inform us, and we will create.

Personalized Service

Custom Patches Maker is convinced that a personal approach makes us stand out, so we keep digging till we reach the highest quality level that beats all other suppliers.

Contact Us

During all given service hours, we are always available to respond to any questions you might have, so you can pick up and customize your patches with us, here, by your preference and in an enjoyable way.

About Us

Expertly Crafted Custom Patches Just for YOU

At Custom Patches Maker we are focused on crafting premium and custom patches that are exceptional in quality and design.

Custom Patches Maker perfectly matches the requirements of our varied clientele and has a long-standing record of functioning in the market. We are devoted to delivering the best personalized emblems and customer service.

At Custom Patches Maker, we implement detailed work and quality control while our experienced personnel use the latest techniques and materials to craft each bespoke badge at the desired level. Whether you need tailored insignias for the military, sports jerseys, corporate branding, or any personal project, we are the perfect stop to execute your imagination.

Our aim is to make people’s lives easier through our distinctive and made-to-order appliques that will stun you. Our fast delivery service enables us to stay ahead without compromising the quality. The competitive pricing allows our patrons to enjoy exceptional embroidered patches and customized designs.

With years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, Custom Patches Maker is your go-to source for professional, high-quality unique patches. Join the ranks of businesses, organizations, and individuals who’ve trusted us to deliver outstanding specially crafted emblems.


Our Featured Custom Patches Colletions

Our Working Process

Getting Custom Patches is as easy as pie!

At Custom Patches Maker, we’ve perfected our working process to make getting your tailor-made emblems as easy as pie! When you contact us with your ideas, our journey officially begins. We’re here to capture your vision for personalized badges, whether you use our easy-to-use web form or would rather have a more personal touch by connecting with our knowledgeable design staff directly. Our gifted designers set to work after learning about your requirements, creating a free digital proof that vividly illustrates your idea. Before production starts, you may view exactly how your bespoke patches will appear in this step and make any necessary changes.

Our seasoned craftspeople take center stage once you give us the go-ahead. They painstakingly craft each customized insignia to match your approved design using a combination of state-of-the-art technology and traditional craftsmanship. We only use the best materials available, so your unique appliques are not only gorgeous to look at but also long-lasting. Our quality control staff monitors every specially designed patch during the production process to ensure it meets our exacting standards of quality.

As your made-to-order patches get closer to completion, we’re preparing them for shipment. Our packing specialists meticulously organize and safeguard your tailored badges to guarantee that they arrive at your door in perfect condition. From the time you get in touch with us until the day you hold your personalized emblems in your hands, our staff works nonstop to ensure that the entire process is easy, fun, and hassle-free. You can relax knowing that creating gorgeous, premium customized patches is really easy with Custom Patches Maker.

Step 01

Share your Design

Present your artwork to us and receive free consultation regarding the design and its execution.

Step 02

Review Your Digital Patch

Lock the design after examining the digital patch created by our designer exclusively for you!

Step 03

Preview Before Finalizing

Considering customer satisfaction, we provide personalized patches in your preferred format as soon as you are happy with the creation.

Step 04

Receive the Shipment

We provide hassle-free doorstep delivery, so our clients get a smooth shopping experience.

Your Ultimate Custom Patches Maker!

Cycling teams, running teams, military teams, organizations, you name it, we at Custom Patches Maker have designed a variety of patches to suit any need and style. Our product range includes custom embroidered patches for detailed designs, Custom patches Maker ‘IronOn’ patches that you can easily attach to your clothing and Custom Velcro patches too.

Applique Patches

Patches can be used as applique on several types of clothing to add a funky vibe to your streetwear. With our patches you can quickly make-over your everyday clothes and give them a cool edge.

Clothing Patches

Renew yourself and show your taste through our broad range of clothing patches with which you can be as striking as you want. This module is suitable for all clothes that pass through.

Custom Patches

Forget your limits and drive a successful reality you have always wanted to turn to build our distinct patches to your specifications.

Embroidered Patches

Treat your eyes with our price premium embroidered patches to the highest standard of craftsmanship, and with stupendous quality.

Chenille Patches

Feel the luxury of the fabric and the adventurous patterns with our chenille patches by having the complete package that your garment should have.

Biker Patches

Empress the biker you feel by using this complex embroidered patch to sew on your garments because it will become your way of expressing how you adore the open road.

Iron on Patches

Give a makeover to your fashion by putting on glittery patches easily using iron. Our patches are created so that you have a quick and simple interface to do customization.

Jacket Patches

Give an extraordinary accent to your jackets using our jacket patches combining re-in-unforcedness with timeless style.

Velcro Patches

Feel the freedom having our Velcro patches, which are simple to change, plus, perfectly work for many options of your Tactical gear.

Morale Patches

Raise the personal spirit and bonds of friendship by using the brand name of our patches displaying inspiring wording. This is designed to keep our people strong and united.

Military Patches

Our military patch will certainly help you to pull it off unarguably. It is a tough material, full of emotion, that was worn by countless soldiers and their families who suffered during the war.

Sew-On Patches

Theorem the beauty feels of handmade woven by applying the patches that can allow you customize your clothing.

Our Work Samples

Showcase Your Style Browse Our Store for Customized Patches :

Ever wonder what sets a great bespoke patch creator apart? Our work samples are the only place to look! We’ve assembled an incredible collection showcasing the finest of what Custom Patches Maker has to offer. Everything from sleek embroidered logos to striking PVC graphics that truly make an impression is available. We’ve created anything from incredibly detailed military insignias to exciting sports emblems for enthusiasts to business badges that exude professionalism. You know, every personalized applique tells a tale. They certainly look good, but it’s not all about that.

It’s about making our clients’ visions a reality. We can help you if you’re a small business owner, player on a sports team, or just have a great idea for a unique patch. Browse our gallery to see what grabs your attention. Perhaps something you see will inspire you to create your own tailor-made emblem. Alternatively, perhaps you just want to see what excellent craftsmanship in customized patches looks like. You’re in for a treat either way.

Remember, as specialists in made-to-order insignias, we’re all about turning your vision into reality. So plunge right in and let inspiration strike. It’s waiting to be turned into your ideal specially designed patch!

Need Help?

Can’t Find The Right Product?

Got caught in a patch pickle? Not sweat it! Custom Patches Maker is aware that occasionally you want something especially unique. Perhaps you have looked over our whole collection and still haven’t discovered the ideal match for your own ideas. Well, let me guess what? That is where our actual magic occurs. We are not only any custom patch producer; we are absolutely outstanding in solving problems.

Got a crazy concept for a form not yet possible? Dream of a color combo that would cause heads to turn? Perhaps you also require a patch resistant to harsh environments. Our creative genius team is ready to knock whatever curveball you toss our way out of the park. A good challenge excites us, and nothing more fascinating than realizing a never-before-seen patch design.

Therefore, don’t click away if you cannot discover exactly what you are looking for from our regular offers! Press the contact button or yell for us. Let us gather our heads and produce something quite unique. Remember, your creativity is the only restriction at Custom Patches Maker—perhaps some laws of physics as well—but we will work around those. Just a discussion away is your dream patch!

Feedback From Customers

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Sara Parker

World Class Quality and Service
My teammates and I ordered a custom quality patches and the results made me so glad. They are exceptional. Their service was outstanding. Therefore, is my ultimate place for all your patch needs.

Neil Sharma

You Are the Best and you Have Fast Shipping!"
In my opinion, has a large variety of patches, and moreover what was very surprising for me - the shipping was extremely quick. I was amazed by the quality of patches when they came. In all probability, I will place the next order with them as soon as possible.

Smith Tees

Perfect Customization Experience!"
It was a walk in the park custom-patches designing patches with The online design tool had no issues, and my desired product was just what I dreamt of. I just love my patches and can't wait to unveil them.

Heidi Fratello

Excellent Customer Service!
I had several inquiries on my order but the Customer service team at came in very helpful and immediate responding. They showed industriousness to see that I was satisfied with the purchase items. I express my gratitude for their high-class service!"

Danial Brown

The Best Patches on the Market, at Low Prices!
I was happily amazed by the high quality of patches, probably because of the reasonable prices. The patches look simply perfect on my uniforms, that's why I have already received lots of compliments. I will definitely order more custom patches in the future!

Jack Harrison

Professional and Reliable! is definitely my #1 choice of the services for custom patches creation. This company is a symbol of professionalism and reliability, and I can always count on them to come up with perfect patches within given time limits. They are my best choice – recommended for everybody requiring custom patches!

Michael S.

Impressive Craftsmanship!
The workmanship of the patches I got from cannot be overstated in good. Each detail is perfect, and the patches even look better in person than online. I'm really happy with my purchase and will order again!