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What We Offer

Quality Patches Services, Crafted with Care.

In order to satisfy the clients who can eventually find our service at, it is worth noting that here indeed we do offer a complete range of patches. The kinds of badges are embroidered badges, iron embroidery badges, Velcro badges, and chenille badges, and all the badges have options. Just in case imagine if you need some repair done on your shirt, jerseys, uniform or hat then we are pleased to present to you bespoke solutions. People like to receive anything that is custom made and if you want to order custom patches, you can do it easily through our online patch designer. However, as the pictures above show, this is not the case, and we do everything possible so that every single patch is made from first-class material and by the best techniques to reach maximum sturdiness and saturation of the dye for the subsequent pressing. If you have a design in mind that you would like as custom patches or if you are looking for fabrics for morale patches, military insignia, branded company logo, or team and club colors, then be sure to go to for all your patches.

What We Offers

Your Ultimate Custom Patches Maker!

Cycling teams, running teams, military teams, organizations, you name it, we at have designed a variety of patches to suit any need and style. Our product range includes custom embroidered badges for detailed designs, Custom patches ‘IronOn’ patches that you can easily attach to your clothing and Velcro custom patches too.

Applique Patches

Patches can be used as appliqué on several types of clothing to add a funky vibe to your streetwear. With our patches you can quickly make-over your everyday clothes and give them a cool edge.

Clothing Patches

Renew yourself and show your taste through our broad range of clothing patches with which you can be as striking as you want. This module is suitable for all clothes that pass through.

Custom Patches

Forget your limits and drive a successful reality you have always wanted to turn to build our distinct patches to your specifications.

Embroidered Patches

Treat your eyes with our price premium embroidered patches to the highest standard of craftsmanship, and with stupendous quality.

Chenille Patches

Feel the luxury of the fabric and the adventurous patterns with our chenille patches by having the complete package that your garment should have.

Biker Patches

Empress the biker you feel by using this complex embroidered patch to sew on your garments because it will become your way of expressing how you adore the open road.

Iron on Patches

Give a makeover to your fashion by putting on glittery patches easily using iron. Our patches are created so that you have a quick and simple interface to do customization.

Jacket Patches

Give an extraordinary accent to your jackets using our jacket patches combining re-in-unforcedness with timeless style.

Velcro Patches

Feel the freedom having our Velcro patches, which are simple to change, plus, perfectly work for many options of your Tactical gear.

Morale Patches

Raise the personal spirit and bonds of friendship by using the brand name of our patches displaying inspiring wording. This is designed to keep our people strong and united.

Military Patches

Our military patch will certainly help you to pull it off unarguably. It is a tough material, full of emotion, that was worn by countless soldiers and their families who suffered during the war.

Sew-On Patches

Theorem the beauty feels of handmade woven by applying the patches that can allow you customize your clothing.