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Refund Policy

At, our focus on the customer and quality service delivery remains a keynote. It is for this reason that we acknowledge that there are times when orders may need to be canceled and refunds may be asked. To deal with such incidents quickly and effectively, while keeping the interests of our buyers and organization in mind, this corporate entity has laid down refund policies.

Applicable Refunds:

Refunds will be processed under the following circumstances:

  1. In this regard, the policy on ordering cancellation outlines the procedures to be followed when placing an order cancellation request within the allowed time limit with a specific percentage of the amount to be refunded as described.
  2. An aspect that current society does not like is the accidental double deduction of payment.
  3. A situation that calls for the return and exchange of a received product because it was the wrong one.
  4. Situations where numbers, hues, or options were not considered are the best examples of noncompliance with materials and objects as per the brief given.

Non-Applicable Refunds:

Refunds will not be granted under the following circumstances: Refunds will not be granted under the following circumstances:

  • Muta abuse which entails buyer’s repeat cancellations of a contract without a valid reason for a refund claim.
  • Discontent with the quality of the outcome, which, however, is what the buyer sees before manufacturing the product.
  • If the buyer has agreed to work with the design that the designer has made before proceeding to production, the buyer still has the right to reject the design hence you get this claim of buyer dissatisfaction.
  • Failure to have active involvement from the buyer during the proceeding of refund.
  • Integration instead of the buyer making a direct claim to the company.

Our Discretion: refund claims shall be made within the provided timelines and subject to compliance with com’s policies and other relevant provisions on refunds in a bid to justify com’s rationale for denying refunds where necessary.

As for the refund process, we are equally committed to ensuring its fairness and to guarantee complete satisfaction of the customer through preserving the company’s standards and policies. It goes without saying that customer trust and satisfaction are vastly valued, and we do not
take them lightly.