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Our Story

Expertly Crafted Custom Patches Just for YOU

Our company is focused on production of the original haute couture of patches that are exceptional in quality and design and perfectly match the requirements of our varied clientele and have a long-standing record of functioning in the market. We are devoted to delivery of the best products and the best customer service.

We make use of detailed work and quality control, and our experienced personnel use the latest techniques and materials to carry out each fabrication at the desired level. No matter whether you are looking for volunteers of the military, sport jerseys, corporate branding, or individual works and projects, we have the resources to create your copy exactly according to your imagination.

Making people’s lives easier is what we aim for through our extraordinary, customized patches that will definitely blow your mind. Thanks to our fast delivery of services without ever compromising on quality, we are always ahead of others. We have incredibly competitive pricing, which enables everyone to enjoy world-class quality embroidery patches.

Our Working Process

Getting Custom Patches is as easy as pie!

At, we assist you with a simple and hassle-free personalization process. Following the advised steps, you can easily turn your imagination into reality with our premium patches. Once you have designed what you wanted our team of professionals went ahead to develop the most attractive and unique logo patch that can only come with the best embroidery, a perfect print or even a highly quality PVC Moulding according to the preference of the company. We buy premium quality cloth material with dazzling colors for any embroidery patches, including iron-on patches, or Velcro patches, you and your products of choice. We can deliver within the given period, and this ensures that clients who order single custom patches or even many patch orders receive their products within the shortest time possible. While buying our products, one might need some considerations regarding the patches; this is where our support staff is engaged to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied as per

Step 01

Share your Design

Present your artwork to us and receive free consultation regarding the design and its execution.

Step 02

Review Your Digital Patch

Lock the design after examining the digital patch created by our designer exclusively for you!

Step 03

Preview Before Finalizing

Considering customer satisfaction, we provide personalized patches in your preferred format as soon as you are happy with the creation.

Step 04

Receive the Shipment

We provide hassle-free doorstep delivery, so our clients get a smooth shopping experience.
Why Choose Us

A unique spot for top-notch and Smart Patches is the 1st choice and an unequaled supplier for all custom patches that may arise. The difference which makes us better than our competitors is the advantage of craftsmanship, creativity and customer base which is incredible. For long enough years we have been in the profession, we have figured out all the intricacies involved in assembling the fragments to get to beyond your expectations.

What is our mission? It is to make every square foot of the wall tell a story and make you present your idea. Firm starts the activity of product development, going from first design development to final product, working together with you we complete all details. The crafting crew we have access to has the best knowledge of using high-end materials and modern technologies to present your ideas in the most accurate and excellent way.

Nevertheless, it will not be just the quality of our stitches we will be fighting for, we also plan excellent customer experience. We would like to underscore the fact that we have always been maintaining the best possible level of services that exceeded even the greatest expectations of each of our clients. From design ideas, order inquiries, or service after your purchase – our cheerful and knowledgeable team with sufficient training will always be there to provide any one-time help needed.

At, you are not just ordering custom patches, rather, you a get a partner joining hands with you to produce a custom patch that completely materializes your vision. Enjoy the edge by knowing why we have become the first choice for many custom patch manufacturers.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Custom Patch Maker?

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Fast Turnaround

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Money Back Guarantee

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Affordable Prices

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