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Disney Tangled Patch

disney tangled patch

Disney Tangled Patch

  • Product Name: Disney Tangled Patch
  • Quality: Premium-grade materials and craftsmanship
  • Material: High-quality embroidered fabric for durability
  • Sizes: Available in Multiple 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches

Original price was: $16.99.Current price is: $13.99.


Patch Description:

Disney Tangled Patch

Stitch Crashes Corona Tangled Up in Mischief with Disney Patch

Calling all Disney fans with a love for tangled tales and intergalactic troublemakers! Get ready to unleash the ultimate crossover – a Disney Tangled patch adventure featuring Rapunzel, Pascal, and a mischievous Stitch! While you won’t find official patches depicting this specific scenario (due to licensing restrictions), here’s how you can create your own tangled-up Disney magic: We also have Disney Stitch Patches Cute And Mischievous Designs

DIY Patch Power:

Embrace your inner artist and design your own custom Disney Tangled patch featuring Stitch! Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

Stitch Meets Pascal: Imagine a chaotic yet adorable scene with Stitch tangled up in Pascal’s chameleon coils, both with surprised expressions.disney tangled patch
Corona Chaos: Design a patch showcasing Stitch causing playful mayhem in Corona, maybe tangled in Rapunzel’s hair or “borrowing” some of her painting supplies.
Experiment 626 Meets Flynn Rider: Create a comical scene featuring Stitch attempting to impersonate Flynn Rider, complete with a makeshift mustache and a mischievous grin.

Beyond DIY Designs:

While creating your own patch offers a unique touch, there are other ways to combine your love for Tangled and Stitch:

Mix and Match: Find separate official (or unofficial) patches featuring Stitch and Rapunzel or Pascal. You can then sew or iron them onto a piece of fabric together, creating your own Tangled-Stitch mashup.
Subtle Stitchery: Opt for a more subtle approach by finding a Tangled patch featuring Rapunzel and Pascal, and then adding a small, separate iron-on patch of Stitch peeking out from behind them.

Tangled Up in Fun:

Here are some ways to incorporate your Tangled-Stitch patch creation into your life:

Upcycle Your Wardrobe: Breathe new life into a plain denim jacket or T-shirt by attaching your Tangled-Stitch patch masterpiece.
Create a Disneybound Outfit: Design a subtle Disneybound outfit that incorporates the colors or themes of both Tangled and Stitch. You can then add your custom patch as the finishing touch.
Decorate Your Belongings: Personalize a backpack, phone case, or notebook with your Tangled-Stitch patch, showcasing your love for this unique Disney crossover.

Embrace the Unofficial Magic:

While official Disney merchandise might not depict this specific crossover, creating your own Disney Tangled patch allows you to celebrate your love for both characters in a unique and personal way. It’s a fun way to showcase your creativity and Disney fandom.

Remember: When creating or purchasing unofficial Disney Tangled patch, be mindful of potential copyright restrictions. Opt for independent artists who create their own designs inspired by Disney characters, but don’t directly copy official artwork.

The Adventure Awaits!

With your Disney Tangled patch proudly displayed, you’re celebrating not just two beloved Disney characters, but also the magic of imagination and unexpected connections. So, grab your sewing supplies or your favorite online retailers, and get ready to create your own tangled-up Disney adventure!


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